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My only question is why is your blog so fabulous !!!! Your blog is my make up bible ! Looooooove it ! Please don't ever delete it : ) By far my favorite

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Aww hehe thanks love! :)

if you had to choose between wearing either foundation or just powder which would be best?

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Eee tough question! But since I prefer a more of a glow and not being too matte i’d go with foundation since you can find a foundation with a semi matte/satin finish. In my opinion liquid foundation can look more like real skin than powder. However it also depends on your skin type, if youre oily you can get away with using only powder you just have to make sure you skin is moisturized beforehand and that you exfoliate regularly :)  

Hey , I'm just starting to use make up & I really don't know what I really need , any help ? & where can I get good product but not so expensive ? ~ please & thank you c:

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Check out my Makeup Starter Kit Guide here, most of the products are drugstore :)