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Do you know of any good dupes for the flat top kabuki brush from sigma? (:

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush $9 at Ulta, Walgreens and Walmart. Pretty much identical to the Sigma one just round. Real Techniques makes a flat top brush but its a little less dense & tightly packed than the Sigma one & the Expert face brush but still great! :)

Expert Face brush on top, Buffing Flat Top brush on the bottom.

ELF Flat Top Kabuki $3 sold at Target) not exactly like the Sigma one because it’s less dense (less brush hairs tightly packed together) and not as soft but still pretty soft & it does the job! A great deal for the price.

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer $7. One of my favs! You can buy from coastalscents here.

Sona Kashuk Multi Purpose Flat Top Brush $16 at Target

Hello there, you're gonna laugh but what's the difference between the MAC lipsticks with the silver thingy and the ones with the gold one?

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The gold ones are part of a recent collection so all of the permanent regular MAC lipsticks are silver. Most people don’t stalk every MAC collection like myself so I don’t expect everyone to know that! Lol

The gold tubes are part of the Divine Night Holiday 2013 collection so if you want them get them soon! You can get them at counters or stores :) 

Is there a product that like sets lipsticks? I just got one I really like but it's so transferable D:

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Try Lip Chic Seal it’s one of my favs! Usually a clear lipstick sealer or top coat type product comes on a duo end of another lipstick not by itself. There are some other brands on amazon but that one is my fav & the highest rated so im guessing other peoples faves too!

Try dusting a little translucent powder or even pressed powder over your lipstick! Translucent or sheer powder works best since it won’t change the color of the lipstick. It creates more of a matte finish & sets it like how powder sets foundation :)

another tip to help lipstick last longer is to apply lipstick then blot it with a tissue paper or paper towel & add another layer of lipstick then setting with powder. You can put tissue paper over your lips and press powder over it to get a more even powder layer.

OCC a brand at sephora makes a great lip stick primer however there are a few other brand that make them. 

Lastly, try lip liner! It acts like a primer for lipstick to help it stick to your lips and last longer. Maybelline even makes a clear lip liner to use under any lipstick or you can find a lip pencil a similar shade to your lipstick!