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Does white liquid liner exist? & if so what would be a good brand of white liquid liner? Where I'm located I've never seen any, but I believe it would be awesome to have & use!

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Stila makes a great pure white liquid liner in their famous Stay All Day Liquid Liner formula! They make many fun shades like white, mint, pastel blue, royal blue, etc :)


White eyeliner is great for a fun look or for a base for any other colors! You can apply any other shadow or liquid liner over it to help make the color pop.

You can make your own white eyeliner by scraping off some white eyeshadow and mixing the powder residue with water, eyedrops or vaseline like your own DIY gel/liquid liner :)

Hi! Love your blog! I want to ask know how do i prevent my eyebrows from fading and becoming patchy? I use the elf studio eyebrow gel & powder duo but at the end of the day I always find my brows faded & patchy. Will a brow gel help? Or is there other ways? Thanks!

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Thanks babe!

A brow gel will help a bit but not drastically, a tinted brow gel would be best because even if your brow powder fades your brow gel will still be there. You can also try using eyeshadow primer all over your brows then going in with brow powder so your brow powder has something to stick to. You can even try using a little bit of brow pencil under to act like a glue for the brow powder :)

However I’d recommend using a waterproof brow product! These tend to be a lot longer lasting and don’t fade at all. Great for the warmer weather coming up lasting through sweat, swimming, etc!

Anastasia Brow Pomade $18. This is extremely long lasting! My only complaint is that it can look a bit over done if you apply too much, it’ll take a few tries before leaning how to work with it. I like to wipe some off on the inside of the lid so very little is on my brush then apply! Dries to more of a powder finish which I looove. Will give you fierce, makeup artist looking brows!


Makeup Forever Aqua Brow $20. This has the same concept of the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade but it a little more of a gel and feels more light weight than the Dip Brow. This tends to look more natural and the color isnt as intense/pigmented right off the bat. Also has excellent staying power!


Hello Michelle! ^^ I was wondering if you could please recommend me a long lasting drugstore foundation w/o SPF in it for Prom? :3 Thanks! <3

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Hi :)

Try the Maybelline Superstay 24 Hr foundation! It’s on the liquidy side which makes it more light weight but you can still get a more full coverage finish by adding another layer. Long lasting, beautiful satin finish but no SPF so no white face. Great for prom!


The new Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse foundation is great as well! No SPF and has more of a matte finish, rather than satin like the Superstay. 


You might also want to try a primer like the Rimmel Stay Matte primer to help keep your makeup on all night. You can get a few free samples of primers from Sephora, Nordstrom, etc to test out before prom if you don’t know if you want to commit to buying a primer just yet :)