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hey,could you recommend me some good liquid eyeliners with a matte finish?

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Wet n Wild Megaliner is one of my favs! Just make sure you get the black one and not the black sparkle one cause they look almost identical in the package!

I just started using the NYC Liquid Liner which is matte too & I really like it :)

Hi! Do you apply your Hello Flawless powder after foundation and if so all over your face or just where you get oily? And do you set your makeup with that or do you use any translucent powders?

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Since benefit hello flawless is such good coverage you can use it as a powder foundation or over foundation as a normal powder! I usually use a light layer over my foundation. If you need more coverage or like a more matte look then you can use powder all over but if you want a little dewyness then you can just apply it in areas you get oily.

I always use a translucent powder over my foundation and powder because it makes everything look better & helps control oils but if I want a more natural look I’ll just use translucent powder over foundation :)

How do I get creaseless undereyes with concealor?

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A few little tricks!

Try using eyeshadow primer or foundation primer under your eyes, it helps the concealer stay put and not crease like it would for your eyes and face.

Setting with translucent powder or even regular powder will help a lot too! I like to use a small eyeshadow blending brush to apply the powder :)

You also want to use a more light weight concealer nothing too thick like a cream cause thicker products crease a lot quicker than light, liquid concealers.

When lining my lips before wearing red lipstick, should I use a lipliner that's similar to my natural lip color, or a red liner?

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Red! I cannot wear red lipstick without red lip liner anymore cause using red lip liner makes the lipstick so much more crisp.

With any bolder lip color I recommend using a matching or similar lip liner to make it look lines more sharp. It also helps when the lipstick fades the lip liner underneath will show through and save the day cause lip liners stay put!

For more natural lipsticks like pink or nude you can use a lip liner your lip shade just to help it stay put :)

Hi I was wondering what you keep all your makeup in (as in to keep it organized and such). I've kept all of mine in a simple bag for years, but I'm looking for something that allows for a little more organization. Preferably on the cheap, but I'd be willing to spend more on something really great that'll last for a long time.

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Hi :)

I have a whole post on makeup storage and organization under the makeup tips link on the top of my page! I’d link it but I’m on my phone.

Personally I use acrylic drawers from each drawer is around $20 and I have two I stack on top of one another. I also use the Lori greiner table top spinning organizer that’s $30 on & amazon :)