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What are some good brand makeup brushes ?(: starting from ones that are cheap and ones that are a little more pricey.

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Staring from least expensive to more expensive,

Coastal Scents, ELF Brushes, Eco tools, Real Techniques, Sedona Lace, Sigma Brushes, Mac Brushes & Sephora Brushes (either sephora brand or name brand)

I have brushes from all these companies & love them!

The only thing id say is I don’t like ALL coastal scents brushes some are not as good as others (top favs are Ionic Flat Top Buffer & Pro Blending Fluff) same with ELF brushes I only like the studio line $3 brushes :)

What are some makeup product & tips should beginners know?

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Hi babe check out my Makeup Tips link on the top of my page! You’ll be able to find how to post on pretty much everything, how to apply foundation, how to get a flawless looking face, how to fill in eyebrows, how to blend eyeshadow, etc.

I also have a Makeup Starter Kit Guide in that link for product recommendations for beginners :)