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I was looking for a dark purple-ish lipstick and I thought about MAC Rebel and MAC Diva, but i need if they'll look dark or not as in some pictures Rebel seems more red-ish. If you know any color please tell me! Thanks!

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Rebel is def more pinky purple, almost leaning towards fuchsia on me. Diva is a purpley red but on me looks more of a deep blue red. Sometimes they can look darker when paired with a darker lip liner (most people use Currant or Nightmoth)

You might like something along the lines of Cyber, which is more of a true deep purple.

Media is very similar to Diva but slightly more purple.

A lot of times people use a lip liner as a lipstick which can be the case with Nightmoth, it’s a deep purple red. Or you can use it to darken up any other lipstick!

A cheaper option for a deep purpleish lipstick would be Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in #04

what do you think of the benefit box powders? are they worth the money? are there any drugstore dupes i could buy instead?

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I’m not the biggest fan of the Benefit box powders because some are way too sheer for my liking. However my top picks would be Hoola (great matte bronzer), Coralista (shimmery coral) and Hervana (matte medium pink). However you can totally find a matte bronzer or coral blush for cheaper so they arent must haves in my opinion :)

A drugstore “dupe” would be the Hard Candy Fox in a Box Blushes!

The Hard Candy Boxed blushes are around $6 at Walmart. 


Some Hard Candy Boxed Blushes are exact dupes, some not so much. Nonetheless they are still great drugstore blushes :)


What's the best foundation brush shape for someone with acne? Or is a sponge better?

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I wouldn’t recommend a sponge so much for someone with acne because a sponge in supposed to be used wet which sheers out the foundation and doesn’t give full coverage. A sponge is great if you want a more dewy, light to medium coverage “naked” looking skin :)

For acne I really recommend flat top synthetic brushes! Flat Top brushes give full coverage and blend out like a dream. The brushes are tightly packed together which gives your foundation an airbrushed finish when blended out. 

Some I love are

Coastal Scents Bionic Flat Top Buffer $7 

Real Technique’s Expert Face Brush $9 at Ulta and some Walgreens, Walmarts & Targets

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki $21

Sedona Lace Flat Top Kabuki (Sigma Dupe) and currently only sale for $12!

Hi! First of all, your blog is amazing, thanks for creating it! Second, my wedding is coming up in May and I would like to do my own makeup. I'm looking for a good setting spray/foundation/primer/moisturizer system for my oily skin and a good waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Right now I use Tarte Amazonian clay eyeliner and Pur Big Blink and Too Faced Better Than Sex, all of which I really like. Could you make suggestions for mid prince range products! Thank you!!!

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Congrats babe! :)

For foundation i’d really recommend Estee Lauder Double Wear! I probably sound like a broken record recommending this so much but I think it’s perfect for a wedding day. It’s extremely long lasting, feels light weight but still gives great medium to full coverage. You don’t want to worry if your foundation looks good on your special day!

For setting spray try Model in a Bottle which you can buy here. It’s a “thicker” setting spray not so much a super light mist which is why it makes your makeup bulletproof. I find it to work a lot better than my other favorite Urban Decay All Nighter.  

For primer my all time favorite, holy grail foundation for flawless and shine free skin is Hourglass Mineral Veil. However it is pricy! But you can be cheap like me and buy the $18 version LOL. I’ve been using the smaller $18 for a month or two now and it’s still going strong! I use about half a pump for my whole face. It’s liquid silk, thats how I would describe it. It’s so light weight yet still gives your skin this buttery soft finish and keeps your makeup on for ages! Fav primer.

For moisturizer for oily skin I really enjoy Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel because it sinks into the skin super quick, makes your skin feel so smooth and isnt greasy in the slightest. Great moisturizer for oily skin. However I do think oily skin should still use a richer moisturizer sometimes so try something a little thicker at night. 

For a waterproof mascara/eyeliner try Stila Stay All Day 24/7 Liquid Liner or Kat Von D’s Liquid Liner. For mascara try Maybelline Falsies in Waterproof, Tarte Lights Camera Splashes or Makeup Forever Smokey Lash Aqua. Mascaras are pretty personal because everyone has different lashes and different tastes. You might want to try individual lashes! They are more natural looking than strip lashes and you don’t have to worry as much about your lashes peeling off since one or two individual lashes falling off won’t really matter.

Also, If I could recommend something I think might really help anyone look great on a big day. Exfoliating! I love, love the Olay Microdermabrasion Peel Kit which you can buy at the drugstore for around $20. It’s a pretty intense exfoliating scrub/treatment not to be used every day, i’d recommend using it a few times a few weeks or so before your bid day. It’ll give you glowing, baby smooth skin :) 

Good-quality, inexpensive foundation that can be used for freelance makeup? I don't have the money to buy foundation in every shade. What do you recommend?

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You don’t have to buy a foundation in every shade, you can buy a foundation in the lightest and darkest shade and a few in-between and mix them to match for each client! Add a little of the darker shade to make it darker, add some of the lighter shade to make it lighter. :)

You also want to keep in mind the different skin types when buying foundation for your kit. One foundation may not work for everyone. For example, someone with dry skin can’t always pull off a really matte foundation if their skin is dry and flakey. Or someone with oily skin can’t stay shine free in a foundation thats super dewy and luminous. So just make sure you have good primers, powders, base products, etc for all skin types if you’re using one kind of foundation. I’d say invest the most in base/skin products because getting a flawless AND long lasting base is really important. 

I’d definitely recommend the Graftobian foundation/concealer palettes!

You can get them online here for $58 which is cheaper than on their website. It has a wide range of colors and can be used as concealer or foundation. Many makeup artist already use this! I’d recommend the neutral palette because it can work on cool or warm skin tones. 

Another more inexpensive option is buying Revlon Colorstay for your kit! They make a formula for oily skin and a formula for dry skin which is great for getting a few for different clients. Revlon Colorstay is creamy and long wearing which is really important so all your hard work actually stays looking good on the skin! It’s also easy to get full coverage or lighter coverage out of it.