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Hey, which concealers are worth investing in for a kit, I currently use mac pro.long wear, but I want something more compact and with correctors thanks

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The graftobian palettes!

They are very popular amongst makeup artists because the quality is great and can be used as a cream foundation or concealer. They make a concealer palettes in warm, cool and neutral and have a smaller separate correcting concealer palette with a few shades :)

You can get the cream palettes here


You can find the corrector palette here


Could you pretty please recommend a brush for contouring that is similar to the one that comes with Benefit Hoola? I love the effect it gives but it's not the greatest quality unfortunately :(

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The NARS Ita #21 brush is a fab option! It’s usually sold out but If you check Sephora and Nordstrom enough you might be lucky enough to buy it before it’s sold out again. 


MAC 163


Illamasqua Blush Up Brush 


Sonia Kashuk used to make a version too but sadly is no longer being sold at the moment :(

What can I do to keep my concealer/foundation from looking dusty/dry/cakey on my face?

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To have really smooth, flawless looking foundation and concealer you need to make sure to take good care of your skin and use products that arent too matte or drying like long wearing foundations and matte powders :)

If you’re not taking proper care of your skin putting makeup on can actually make it look worse. So make sure to moisturize day and night as well as exfoliate once a week or more. Check out my post all about exfoliating here and my moisturizer 101 post here.

Pros of moisturizing and exfoliating 

  • Keeps your skin bright and dewy which will shine through under foundation.
  • Keeps your skin’s texture smooth so any makeup you apply on top will look flawless.
  • Dry spots and large pores will be a lot less noticeable or even completely vanish them!
  • Fades discoloration like acne scars and spots over time so you can apply less foundation/concealer making it look more natural. 
  • Treats acne over time so you can apply less product.

When it comes to foundation and concealer, try to avoid being too matte! A slight glow to your skin makes you look youthful and natural because no one’s natural skin texture is matte like a powder. 

  • Applying eye cream or even just some of your face moisturizer under your eyes before applying any under eye concealer, this will keep the concealer from drying up.
  • Mix some your foundation and moisturizer on the back of your hand then applying to the skin, this adds a little moisture and glow to the foundation so it doesn’t look dry and cakey.
  • Skip powder! Or keep the powder minimal by applying a thin layer. Powder makes your skin look more powdery and flat. Translucent powder is best for a more natural finish.
  • Use a glowing, brightening primer under your makeup like Loreal’s True Match Lumi Primer. It gives the skin a glow that will show through under makeup, great for those who really want a matte foundation!
  • Apply shimmer on the cheekbones or add shimmer by using a shimmery blush. This adds dimension to the face so it doesn’t look too flat.
  • Try using a damp sponge to apply foundation/concealer. Using a damp sponge thins the foundation out a bit so it goes on more natural and blends flawlessly. 
  • Use a setting spray to blend all the makeup together and help the foundation/concealer/powder melt into the skin. It adds a slight glow and takes away from any powdery, cakey finish. 

You don’t need to try ALL these tips, you can choose one or a few that will work for you :)

Good luck! 

Do illuminating primers really help give a dewy finish? How is it different from just using a regular primer/foundation and then going over with an illuminating highlighter? A sales lady at Sephora was suggesting Dior Glow Maximizer or Nars Illuminating Primer. Have you tried any of them? Would love to hear your take on this because I think your makeup reviews are great! Love your blog! XO

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Thanks babe!

Personally, i’ve been loving illuminating primers more than cream or powder highlighters because with a brightening primer your skin will look more “naturally” glowing from within rather than shimmery like when using a highlighter. 

I would definitely say illuminating primers would best with a more light weight foundation over top. It won’t keep your face dewy if you were to put a few layers of a matte foundation and then follow with powder. So if you use more heavy duty foundations and such using a highlighter over everything would work better. But illuminating primers are great under BB Creams, Tinted Moisturizers or light weight foundations! 

If you’re unsure if illuminating primers will work for you try a cheaper option like Loreal’s Magic Lumi Primer :)